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Laurent Campos-Hugueney did not believe his eyes. Wednesday, July 3, this market gardener of Pionsat (Puy-de-Dôme), had the bad surprise to discover the grass of one of his fields disappeared as if by magic, mowed down and picked up on the sly. A flight that comes as the sector is currently experiencing a forage crisis due to drought.

The stolen hay spread over 10 hectares of the 12 hectares of the plot, isolated along a wood and away from homes, straddling between Pionsat and Saint-Fargeol (Allier). "These are definitely local people who did thatbecause they have cut three parcels out of five organized in a row and left out those with brambles, sloping to go to the last of better quality, "says the farmer, confirming a newspaper information The mountain.

A plot for a goat farmer

The one who converted to organic plans to farm this field next year to produce cereal flour, but planned this year to benefit a neighbor goat farmer, lacking fodder. He estimates the damage suffered at between 10 and 15 bales per hectare, between 100 and 150 stolen hay bales.

"They should know my habits and knew that I did not go there regularly. They had to do this quickly, probably for one or two nights and took advantage that the grass dries quickly with this heat, "said the farmer, who complained to the gendarmerie Commentry (Allier).

"It's revolting. It's the law of the jungle, that of the strongest and this is detrimental to the profession ", adds, disillusioned, Laurent Campos-Hugueney, who hopes that the geolocation installed on agricultural machinery will identify the author or authors.

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