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Policemen from Périgueux dismantled drug trafficking in the station area this week. Between Monday and Tuesday, about fifteen people were arrested and some 80 grams of pure cocaine seized. Three men will be tried this Friday, November 29 at the court of Périgueux.

Residents of theMarshal Avenue June have given the alert to the police station of Périgueux. The dealers had been sitting under their windows for a few months, chased by the video surveillance cameras on the other side of the station. After a few months of surveillance, the police arrested 14 people between Monday 25 and Tuesday 26 November. From the simple customer, the trafficker, through the small dealer.

Three of them will be judged Friday, November 29 at the court of Périgueux: two men in their twenties and another in their thirties, who are most involved in the case. Mostly, they have already been tried for previous narcotics cases. At the time of the arrests, the investigators found about 80 grams of pure cocaine, and a few grams mixed with flour, as well as cannabis balls and a little over 2,500 euros of cash.

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