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Successful operation for agents of the Anti Drug & Smuggling Unit of the Eastern Division on Saturday evening. Following specific information on a drug network that disrupted the tranquility of the village of Riche-Mare, agents of the Adsu raided Ramdewar Road, Riche-Mare and arrested three suspected traffickers.

Once there, the police faced resistance from a group of people in the court of the alleged drug dealer. However, well determined in their search for illegal products, Adsu agents searched the house in question, despite the intimidation expressed.

The house had been in their sights since residents had complained about the inconvenience caused by the alleged drug trade in the neighborhood. The search was successful and the men of Inspector Sevanandee and sergeants Aza and Greedharry found a quantity of synthetic drugs, divided into 20 different packets and a sum of Rs 51,000 that the brigade suspects to have come from drug trafficking .

One of the occupants of the house, R. H., was caught manipulating the drug. A pair of scissors and pieces of paper used to package the drugs were seized.

G.H., wife of R.H., was also worried about Adsu. When the police arrived, the 31-year-old woman rushed into the bathroom to get rid of the drugs. Using the shower pom-pom, she was busy removing all traces of synthetic drugs when she was caught in the act.

The couple was placed under arrest and was provisionally charged with drug trafficking in the Flacq court on Monday.

At the very moment of this search, another resident of Ramdewar Road, a man named J-M. F., aged 41, was enshrined by the same Adsu squad. He had 12 packages of synthetic drugs in his possession, and a sum of money was seized from him during a search in the street. Suspected of operating as "Jockey" on behalf of the couple R.H. and G.H., the so-called J-M. F. remains behind bars. The three suspects are charged with "possesion of synthetic cannabinoids for the purpose of selling".

The Adsu Eastern Division squad also got hold of cannabis plants and bullets last Friday. On an abandoned site in Sevastopol, police uprooted 25 gandia seedlings and found 20 hidden bullets in the fields. Adsu started an investigation on the plants and on the balls.

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