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Red Cross side:

Rescuers performed nearly 1,000 interventions on Saturday. It is in the average of the previous days.

Regarding the police device on the site:

2 administrative arrests during the day and 3 at night for public disturbances

343 people were checked

The balance sheet of the controls mentions of 54 of detention and 4 p. of sale

Have been seized: 92.83 gr. marijuana, 19.70 gr. cannabis resin, 9.83 gr. cocaine, 139 pills XTC, 8.82 gr. MDMA, 36 cartons LSD, 20.70 gr. ketamines, 0.79 gr. amphetamines, 2,215 euros seized and 3 Gsm

Other results to mention
: 23 transactions for a total amount of 3,900 euros

Regarding the police and road system, before arriving on the site:

139 vehicles were checked

The balance sheet mentions of 38 pipes under influence, 14 withdrawals from driving license for a period of 15 days, 2 drunkenness, 1 administrative arrest, 2 seizures of a vehicle for lack of insurance, 2 vehicles immobilized due to a driving license problem , 4 kidnappings from the vehicle, 29 p. judicial, 46 p. rolling.

Have been seized: 82.69 grams of marijuana, 9.02 grams of cannabis resin, 5 x XTC pills, 2.80 grams of cocaine, 1.80 grams of MDMA

Other results to mention
: € 1,500 of transactions for narcotics, € 520.90 of unpaid fines and € 15,208.45 for the tax service.


The day of Saturday 13 was also marked by the visit of the Commissioner General Marc de Mesmaeker, great boss of the federal police. He spent the afternoon with the coordinating director of the federal police of Hainaut, Laurent Coucke, and the head of police corps of the Hauts-Pays, Patrice Degobert, on the various police devices and other rescue services present in the field. They were able to attend the daily coordination meeting between the different disciplines (fire brigade, police and Red Cross), the administrative authority and the organizer. The Commissioner General was impressed by the magnitude of the event and the means implemented.

It must be said that among the 15,000 men who make up the federal police, many are present in Dour to help in the safe management of the festival: we could also count on the law enforcement patrols provided by the provinces of Hainaut and Brussels (CIK), plainclothes court teams, the forensic science laboratory, teams specialized in the detection of inappropriate behavior (BDO), specialized intervention teams (terrorism), drug dog teams, helicopters and drones, not to mention the management teams of mobile cameras placed on the site and around.

Without this support and the reinforcements of the other police zones, the security of the event could not be ensured by the only police zone of the Hauts-Pays. As a reminder, 1000 police officers take turns 24 / 24h to ensure safety during this event.

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